Thursday, May 13, 2010


Pink Ant fashion Catalog S/S 2009 - 2010

The combination of the different disciplines of design found in this catalog helped to create yet another whimsical Pink Ant story.

The catalog was designed to acquire new retailers, trigger wholesales and customer sales as well as to strengthen our brand and communicate our current perception and understanding of shapes, colors and styles.

The creative eyes behind this project were from:

Creative Director - David Morales
Assisting Designer - Fiona Mackay
Photography - Brett Rubin
Hair & Make-up Artist - Khandiz @ Mukup
Fashion Stylist - Anthea Poulous
Models - Vanessa Wood & Pamela Meyers
Graphic Design - Serena J Boon /A happy place creations

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Sunday, August 23, 2009


Experiential education in the form of internship not only offers a great learning experience and a way to explore potential careers for interns, but it also enhances and develops new challenges, strengths and capabilities for the company, which strangely enough it is an asset that not many companies choose to report.   

After having the interns Nicky Van Zyl (a very dedicated and talented illustrator from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology ( CPUT)), and Sarique Wilken (a very original and skillful Fashion designer from The Elizabeth Galloway Fashion Design Academy), PINK ANT was able to fully explore its organizational structure by expanding on its design capabilities and ideas; exploring its underlying HR dynamics; solidifying personnel skill and communication; and developing better sustainable projects.  Therefore, it is imperial to recognized that these two young interns have - in an internship period of 30 days -  helped PINK ANT grow and progress as a company, and for that reason  I thank you both!

Nicky Van Zyl - Illustrator Intern 

                Photograph taken at the PINK ANT CLOTHING studio
The following illustration was produced by Nicky while doing her internship at PINK ANT CLOTHING. This illustration amongst other will be featured in the PINK ANT Spring/Summer 2009 Collection!

Sarique Wilken - Fashion Designer Intern

Photograph taken at the PINK ANT STUDIO
The following garment was designed by Sarique while doing her internship at PINK ANT CLOTHING. This garment has 
proven to be a design success..

Come and join us at PINK ANT CLOTHING!

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Pink Ant and One Small Seed Magazine


So what happens backstage at a Pink Ant Model shoot? 
Pink Ant Creatures are always present and having lighthearted fun...
Caught them accompanying one of the Pink Ant Models! Sneaky creatures!

While shooting...
Creatures making serious moments bright and fun! 

How to celebrate a successful model shoot...

Monday, May 11, 2009


We are proud to introduce the Pink Ant Blog!

This creative communication tool has been developed to expose you to our thoughts, beliefs, inspirations and all other elements that encapsulate this art and fashion label. This space is also for you to share your perspectives on the blogs' content, and suggest wonderful links that will allow us to shape our land of imagination and lucid dreams. So make sure you keep your eyes inspired by the continuous updates on this page!

Soft wishes,
Pink Ant

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Welcome to the Pink Ant Blog

*Still under construction. Watch this space*